We make the customers happy by running operations smoother. We provide solutions for several fields by exploring blockchain. Biovus help you in the changing landscape of the enterprise supply chain market. We offer blockchain services, developments, and solutions for our clients. We work for our customer satisfaction. Biovus has proven to be one of the best blockchain software companies which serves you with a whole package.

In most cases, today's supply chains operate at scale without blockchain technology. Even so, technology has excited the IT and supply chain worlds. It has also inspired many articles and prompted established IT players and startups to initiate promising pilot projects.

  • Smart contracts
  • Secure Operations
  • End - to - End traceability

Blockchain Supply chain

We have a highly - skilled team using the most advanced cutting–edge solutions for driving your company’s success. Our profound R&D department provides unique ways to improve your products and services. Biovus help you with branding, trade flow facilitation, and fair trade. We make your supply chain operations more cost-effective and help to benefit from blockchain opportunities.

Biovus is a provider of cloud and blockchain-based supply chain management software. Includes stock taking, inventory management, billing visibility, risk monitoring, logistics, and stockyard management. It caters to the agriculture, energy, metals and mining, and manufacturing sectors.

What We Do To Deliver the Best

Biovus is known for providing cutting-edge futuristic technology solutions to businesses worldwide. The most sought-after Blockchain technology has no exception to this focus. Knowing the potential and addressing the demand of our customers, we have built in-house competency to realize the full capacity of this revolutionary new technology. Biovus is one of the leading Blockchain development companies in India.

Asset tokenization is one way of initializing tangible and intangible assets and transforming them into tokens, which are then stored on the blockchain. One asset is not equal to one token: assets are usually broken down into smaller parts, which form many tokens. Once the owner has tokenized their assets and joined the digital Era, it becomes feasible to store and trade them fractionally or entirely and transfer them to other owners.

How Does Asset Tokenization Work in Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is a mechanism to raise funds from a large number of from many people for a specific project, usually facilitated by a digital intermediate. Crowdfunding can be used to raise funds for the development of a product to be sold commercially for helping someone achieve their educational goals or to fund someone’s medical treatment or even to invest in a property.


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