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In crypto payment, when a purchase is made, the card converts your cryptocurrency into fiat currency and the vendor is paid in the currency of their choice. The converted amount is taken from your crypto wallet and the total amount is updated. This method is subject to varying conversion rates, as it will depend on the values of your currency at the time of purchase.

Organizing acceptance of cryptocurrency payments by the payment transfer method is a crypto Payment forwarder. API is a low-level tool that allows you to integrate cryptocurrency payments for various types of applications such as websites, mobile and desktop applications. Use our payment forwarder wedget Box on your site if you don’t have your nodes. Accept payments online, no charge backs, global anonymous, secure, seamless and private integration of digital currency payments in ecommerce.


Crypto Payment Forwarder

Our services will be easy to adopt and consolidate payments securely without forcing your users to create accounts and jump through unnecessary loops. We help for an individuals and websites to generate unlimited bitcoin address and let customers send payments to such addresses. We will forward the payment immediately once we reach the payment after two network confirmations to your main wallet address. We develop safe and reliable forwarding addresses that allow you to accept payments made in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Zcash, Dogecoin and Bitcoincash, etc.


Crypto payment forwarder is also useful when traveling, as it means that you can easily withdraw the local currency without being subject to high fees. You are simply bound to the local conversion rate, rather than being charged an additional fee by your bank.

Benefits of Blockchain-Based Products

  • Blockchain makes the transaction histories in transparent manner and easily accessible to everyone.
  • It can streamline eliminating the risk of mistakes with discipline legacy methods, making efficient trading.
  • In the Blockchain, there is an existing audit trail to see and check the authenticity of your asset.
  • The cost spent on documentation is saved as everyone gets to view a single immutable version.
  • When it comes to record-keeping systems, it is better than any other by all standards..
  • It builds trust between the entities so that they can engage in business dealings.
  • It is known for its immutability, meaning their transactions can’t be changed or deleted.
  • It allows an unprecedented individual control over one’s own digital data.
  • Blockchains can handle the transaction at super-speed within a fraction of seconds.
  • It can address privacy concerns by anonymizing data and permissions to limit access.
  • It allows different users to always have same information having multiple copies.

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