How Top SEO Companies In India Utilize Google Trends?

The best SEO company in India will use the web-based tool that assists users in visualizing and discovering trends in people’s search behavior across Google Search, Google News, Google Images, Google Shopping, and YouTube. It is an exceptionally valuable tool for evaluating the performance of a company’s SEO strategy. It will not only allow users to see what themes and queries have been popular in searches, but it will also provide access to data showing how frequently certain searches have been conducted over a specified time period, which you can set in the filters.

Google will then visualize the data by creating a trend graph of the searched subject over the specified length of time, allowing you to effectively analyze the findings. The Search Volume Index graph visualizes the queries of up to five different searches at once, allowing you to do analysis and comparative research.

How to Make Use of Google Trends?

Before we begin, please visit the Google Trends website. Let’s begin by typing a topic or question into the search field. After entering your preferred topic, you will be given these four refining choices, which will allow you to thoroughly examine and analyze the results.

They are as Follows

Location: Possibilities vary from global to local.Timeframe: Options range from 2004 to the last minute. Arts & Entertainment, Sports, Politics, Finance, News, and more options are available.
Image Search, News Search, Google Shopping, and Youtube Search are all types of searches.

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