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AI development Companies in India develop Emotion AI, also known as Affective Computing, which is a fast-emerging branch of Indian AI that allows computers to analyze and understand nonverbal cues such as facial expressions, body language, gestures, and voice tones in order to determine a person’s emotional state. As a result, visual Emotion AI uses computer vision technology to scan facial appearances in photos and videos to determine an individual’s emotional mood.

AI development Companies in India develop Emotion Recognition Using Visual AI:

Emotion recognition is the process of machines analyzing, interpreting, and classifying human emotion based on facial traits.

Visual Emotion Analysis (VEA) is one of the most difficult high-level vision tasks because of the affective gap between low-level pixels and high-level emotions. Despite the odds, visual emotion analysis has potential since understanding human emotions is a crucial step toward developing effective artificial intelligence. Top AI Companies in India use Deep learning became the new method of choice for emotion analysis tasks after the rapid development of Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs).


What is AI-Emotion Analysis and how does it work?

AI emotion application or vision system contains the following processes at a high level:

Step 1: Take a picture frame from a live camera feed (IP, CCTV, USB camera).
Step 2: Pre-processing of the image is the second step (cropping, resizing, rotating, color correction).
Step 3: Using a CNN model, extract the key features.
Step 4: Analyze your emotions and classify them.

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