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The Schema-SEO Agency India

A brief overview of schema:

SEO agency India implements Schema which is a definite SEO marketing solution that is essentially a code called “” When schema is introduced to your website, it provides a detailed view of your content to search engines and aids in improved crawling. This will speed up the retrieval of your content in Google. Schema transforms unstructured information into structured information.

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Why is schema important and how does it work?

The goal of adding schema is to communicate the page’s content to search engines and to provide information to users. As a result, Google will be able to function in a more rational manner.

SEO agency India Understands the Schema work process. This is essentially word coding that aids the Google search engine in better understanding and responding to the material. It organizes unstructured data, such as ingredients, cooking time and temperature, calories, and so on, for example, on a recipe page.

Here’s an example of what structured data may look like a structured data snippet that may display on a recipe page that describes the recipe’s title, author, and other details:

    <title>Party Coffee Cake</title>
    <script type=”application/ld+json”>
      “@context”: “”,
      “@type”: “Recipe”,
      “name”: “Party Coffee Cake”,
      “author”: {
        “@type”: “Person”,
        “name”: “Mary Stone”
      “datePublished”: “2018-03-10”,
      “description”: “This coffee cake is awesome and perfect for parties.”,
      “prepTime”: “PT20M”
    <h2>Party coffee cake recipe</h2>
      <i>by Mary Stone, 2018-03-10</i>
      This coffee cake is awesome and perfect for parties.
      Preparation time: 20 minutes

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