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AMP (amplified mobile pages)-Best Web Designing Company In India

According to Best Web Designing Company In India, AMP is an open source initiative that aims to assist web publishers generate mobile-optimized content that runs instantly on all platforms. In a blog post, Google stated, “We want webpages with rich content like video, animations, and graphics to operate alongside smart advertisements and load instantly.” “We also want the same code to function across numerous platforms and devices so that information appears instantly everywhere — no matter what phone, tablet, or mobile device you’re using.”

Best Web Designing Company In India suggests Google’s AMP project is to provide the greatest possible mobile experience to its consumers. “Google wants to provide information to the end user as quickly as possible,” says Michael Bertini, a digital marketing specialist at iQuanti. “Google doesn’t want the user to have to wait for something to read or view.”

According to, Google’s AMP product manager Rudy Galfi claimed at a recent marketing conference that the median load time for AMP-coded content is 0.7 seconds. Non-AMP pages, on the other hand, take 22 seconds to load, or “the time it takes you to abandon the site and never come back,” according to Galfi.

Google officially included AMP-powered web pages into its mobile search results on February 23, 2016. AMP-coded pages display in a “carousel” of mobile search results, with an AMP emblem that resembles a thunderbolt and the abbreviation “AMP.”

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How does it work?

According to Best Web Designing Company In India, AMP is an open-source initiative that aims to assist web publishers generate mobile-optimized content, the open AMP HTML framework builds on existing web technologies while also allowing site owners to construct “lightweight” web pages.

Google’s Galfi told, “AMP-HTML is essentially HTML5 plus a set of standards (requirements and constraints).” “JavaScript powers the optimization, CSS3 allows for stylistic customization, and pages are cached.”

According to Jim Robinson, founder, and CEO of ClickSeed, a digital marketing and SEO consultancy, AMPs are “totally distinct from a regular mobile site.” “Assuming your site includes a desktop, mobile, and AMP version, the desktop version will be the canonical (preferred) version, with the mobile and AMP versions tagged individually as alternatives.”

“There are constraints on sizes and placements,” Robinson notes, but site publishers may deliver their own advertising using AMP. “Most big publishers use DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) or OpenX to display advertising, both of which are AMP-compatible.”

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