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Best AI Code Generative Tools For Software Development Company

Most programmers in top software development companies in India utilize AI code generative tools to speed up productivity. They generate the codes for the interesting modules and translate them from one programming language to another. The programmer also performs auto-generative documentation and finds snippets with the AI tools.

In 2021, the generative AI market was valued at USD 8.12 billion, and by 2028, it is expected to reach USD 63.05 billion at a CAGR of 33.7%.

OpenAI Codex

It is an artificial intelligence model developed by OpenAI which captures the natural language and generates Code in response. It’s most capable in Python and trained in over a dozen languages, including JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, Swift, Go, Perl, TypeScript, SQL, and even Shell.
The Codex model series is an offspring of our GPT-3 series, prepared on natural language and billions of lines of Code.

Codex performs the following tasks for the best software development companies in India:

  • Turn comments into Code.
  • Complete the following line or function in the context.
  • Bring knowledge, such as finding a helpful library or API call for an application.
  • Add comments.
  • Rewrite Code for efficiency.

GitHub Copilot

Using Copilot, users can access large datasets and quickly develop accurate codes publicly available from GitHub repositories. It detects errors in Code, optimizes principles, and recommends changes to it.

GitHub Copilot made suggestions across dozens of languages trained on billions of lines of Code. It assists the developer for the following purpose:

  • Turns natural language prompts into Code
  • Offers multi-line function suggestions
  • Speeds up test generation
  • Blocks suggestions matching public Code


ChatGPT is an Open AI tool utilized for natural language processing that allows human conservation with the chatbot. The ChatGPT can answer user queries and assist them in generating codes, writing essays, and comparing emails.


Nowadays, most of the best software development companies in India utilize ChatGPT for the following tasks:

  • To Write an essay
  • To Create an app
  • To Write Code
  • Build your resume
  • Writes Excel formulas
  • Summarizes content
  • Writes a cover letter

Alpha Code

Google-backed DeepMind’s Alpha Code is another AI-based code generator. The user can utilize the Alpha Code to access source code from various language libraries. In assisting with Alpha code, developers can use thousands of pre-made libraries that connect third-party APIs quickly and easily. But the Alpha code is not yet accessible to the public.


Tabnine is open-source and is used by ruling tech companies like Google and Facebook. It is an AI code completion tool with vast code completion capabilities that utilize deep learning algorithms. Tabnine supports most programming languages, including Java, Python, C++, and more.


CodeT5 is an open AI code generator with both an online and offline version for data security. It aids developers in creating reliable and bug-free code quickly. It is an open-source tool and supports various languages, including Python, Java, and JavaScript.


Polycoder assists the developer in generating code for machine learning, natural language processing, and web applications. Polycoder is an open-source tool trained on a 249 GB codebase with 12 programming languages. It is an alternative to OpenAI Codex and is most famous for its quick code generation capability.


Deep Code is most famous for its accurate bug detection capability. It is a cloud-based AI code analysis tool that supports multiple languages, such as Java, Python, and JavaScript. It automatically scans a project’s codebase and determines possible bugs and vulnerabilities.

WP Code

WP Code is an AI-driven WordPress code generator that supports developers and non-technical creators. It is created by Isotropic, which allows the developer to generate high-quality code snippets quickly. It also supports Java and Python, along with HTML and CSS. Furthermore, it utilizes AI assistants to suggest improvements to code snippets.


AskCodi facilitates your development procedure by giving you the power to produce prototypes and applications faster, allowing you to raise their impact. It offers a full suite of development tools for web and mobile applications. It also helps developers to write better code and shorter code blocks to build and ship projects quickly.


Codiga is a static analysis tool that supports popular languages like JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Kotlin, etc. It is famous for its auto-fixing capabilities for testing your code and identifying real-time vulnerabilities and security issues.

Visual Studio IntelliCode

It reduces the time the developers spend on navigating and debugging code. Visual Studio IntelliCode equips AI-assisted development experiences to enhance developer productivity. It is an extension of the Visual Studio Code editor created by Microsoft.

Wing Python IDE Pro

Wing Python IDE Pro, created by Wingware, is a specific software setup for Python that combines the process for code navigation, code editing, and debugging mechanisms for coding and testing software applications. To make the coding more accessible and efficient, it ensures additional features, such as Refactoring, Multi-Selection, auto-completing Editor, and Code Snippets.


AIXcoder offers real-time code analysis, AI-powered code completion, automated routine tasks, and error checks while typing. It is an AI-powered programming pair that supports Java, Python, and JavaScript languages, designed to aid development teams in writing code.

However, while AI coding tools can help developers work more innovative and productively to bring more revenues for your business in a short time.

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