vision of Dojo D1 chip

Dojo d1 chip overview:

This advanced innovation is designed to attain high energy speed with low consumption of time, space, and latency with higher bandwidth designed by Tesla company owned by Elon Musk. This was invented by the dojo project team under the leadership of Ganesh Venkatraman. D1 chip is integrated with advanced decision-making technology and Neurological technology. The goal of this D1 chip is to achieve high processing power within minutes.

D1 chip is a distributed computer where all the training nodes are basically computer elements that are connected with any kind of network which is two-dimensional. Its size is 7nm and is capable of processing 362 Tflops in BF16 / CFP8 power.

By using fan-out wafer technology, 25 D1 chips are diced and firmly integrated with each other into a training tail. A high-bandwidth, high-density connection is also included within the tile. In addition, a voltage regulator module is placed directly on the plane of the fan-out wafer technology. The electrical, thermal, and mechanical components are all merged to make a fully integrated training tile with a 52-volt dc input.

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The future vision of D1 chip:

D1 chip is expected to change the aspect of AI technology, taking it to the next level of advancement. The D1 chip is designed to implement on Testla automatic cars and Humanoid robots. As they are driven by decision-making and neurology technology they make their own decision as if a human can.

A D1 chip-implemented car or robot or any other automobile will need no human codes or manual action to process, they will process on their own. They will sense the surrounding, and understand the need of human beings without having to speak out loud.

A D1 integrated automobile will drive itself in real-time, making proper decisions. If you’re driving down the road and another car comes up behind you, this D1 chip will assess the road and the speed of the car ahead of you, and if the car ahead of you hits a break, your car will automatically change direction or press the brakes without any personal intervention.

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