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What is Voice Search Optimization?

The best SEO Company In India suggests Voice search optimization in artificial intelligence, the most developing area in digital marketing. Voice search simply helps the customer fetch information from the website, apps, etc. through voice command, this is also called voice-enabled.

Voice search optimization is the process of optimizing your web page or the contents that are displayed on the website to appear in voice searches.  Simply modifying your web pages to appear when certain verbal is used by the customer in voice search. Voice search optimization allows the content to be read out loud.

How does Voice Search Optimization Work?

Snippets and Knowledge graphs are the two main features used by Google. It is used to give quick and relevant results to the queries of the customer.


Snippet is a process that extracts short answers from Google’s top pages and shows the customer’s query. Rich snippets are considered above organic results as they can be a paragraph, images, graphs, etc.

Knowledge Graph

A knowledge graph share information in Google that is collected from many different sources it can be accessed publicly or sometimes licensed privately. It is a big database that gives more accurate and quick results for customer queries.


How to Make Voice Search Optimization Successful

Keyword or Long Tail Keyword

Usually when the user types the context they always use short sentences or only the catchy part in the sentence, but while searching in voice search they tend to use the whole sentence for searching. For example when they search “best restaurants near me” while typing but in voice search they explain the context like “show me some good restaurants near me” This is differing because the customer is having a conversation. In voice search users find it easier to explain long context without spending more time and energy. SEO Company In India suggests Voice search over more question quotes such as when, what, who, and how, so add these keys to your voice search.

Add Local Search

Adding local search to your voice search will make your website more users friendly, as most users search for local places, locations, and operating hours. If your business is mortal it is important to add your location as the customer will visit to make purchases whenever they can which will improve your profit.

Conversational Content

SEO services India voice search optimization includes more natural language as when a customer is type searching their language is different than voice searching because when a customer uses voice search they tend to speak more in normal context. The queries are more likely to be long tails, more phrased in voice search as they talk.

Include Schema Mark-up

Schema markup is the structured data that give sense to your content, the main reason for using schema markup is to make your site the top result in the search engine as it gives a more accurate and quick response to the user. Schema markup gives you an edge over competitors when it comes to it.

Include FAQs

The way people search in voice search is most likely to be questions that include keywords like what, when, how, who, etc. A simple way to enhance your website FAQ should be conversational rather than documentation. Include schema markup to make your website technically enhanced. Most users expect a quick accurate short and simple answer that will be provided by FAQ.

Understand the User:

Data, conciseness, and location are used by voice search to analyze the context of the voice search, you have to dig deeper into the behavior of the customer or their device to give more relevant content that can attract the user. Hence you can create your website with the most asked questions, which you can give more accurate answers to the customer.

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