Advantages of Instagram Reels and Shorts

Advantages of Instagram Reels and Shorts – Social Media Marketing Company in India

Quality and Catchy Video in 15 Seconds

Instagram reels are the most trending, in reels a user can include music, effects, even add filters to their video content, unlike stories in reels you can upload a video that last 15 seconds where as stories only last 12 seconds.

  • Effects Filters Audio

Most Social Media Marketing Company in India suggests Instagram that provides various options of effects that will enhance the quality of your content, there are different varieties of filters available you can choose a filter which suits the best for your content, and also it has AR effects that help you to enhance the quality of the video.

  • Reach More Audience

While making a post in Instagram the reach it gets is lesser, but when you post a reel the reach of your content will be vast around the world as it has more explore.

  • Make it to Explore Page

If your account in Instagram is a open account then it will get featured in explore page. By showing your video in explore page you will attain more awareness of your brand and also have more leads. Instagram will push your page to explore page if you get more likes, shares, subscriptions.

  • More Engagement with the Followers

Social Media Marketing Company in India suggests some algorithm of Instagram can be tricky; to promote their new reels platform it will do what it can to grab more attention to its platform. When you upload more reels in your profile automatically pushes your video to the explore page which will make your engagement increase.

  • Easier to make video

It is easier to make video and upload in YouTube short, you can do it in YouTube app. Just by tapping on start and stop you can make your own videos. You can get more than 500 views within a week.

  • More Accessibility

YouTube makes your video highly accessible for both customer and consumer, this accessibility is achieved by focusing on the content and. The users can post high quality videos without getting expensive equipment’s as YouTube has inbuilt camera for YouTube shorts.

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